Whale Offshore--The Training of 2017 Spring Fire Safety Knowledge


Recently, Whale Offshore has invited Mr. Jiang Jian who is a teacher from She An Information Consultation Center of Shenzhen to train the employee about fire safety, helped them to understand the main liability in fire safety accident and relevant blame. From the combination of theory with practice,we have learned the utillization of various fire fighting tools and the using method. Meanwhile, we have mastered the skill of self-saving and escaping from fire accident as well as increased the fire safety awareness and improved the fire fighting capability.

The potential danger is more dangerous than the danger we can see, and prevention is more effective than remedy, the responsibility is more significant that mountain Tai. For proventing the accident from happening, Whale Offshore will conduct fire safety awareness training regularly for employees and establish the fire safety awareness into every employee's mind. It will keep the safety for company's staff and its property.