SE - 300 Lifeboat series is a self-elevating and self-propelled multifunctional offshore platform with Whale Offshore proprietary design and ABS class. It is highly recognized by international market and favored by investments. Multiple unites have been continuously constructed by Wuhan shipyard and Huangpu shipyard.
The SE - 300 LB - B Liftboat has a length overall of 84.5m, 64.8m length, 40.8m breadth, 6m depth, 3.2m design draft (max), 60m water depth (max), 1500m2 free deck area, 1800T variable load, the living quarters with capacity of 150 people, S - 92 / S - 92 helicopter landing standard. The spud can be completely retracted into main hull. This platform can provide efficient, stable and professional service for reef wharf, bridge construction, and offshore oil platform maintenance and installation.