Government Officials visited Whale Offshore


On 5th August, the government officials paid a visit to Whale Offshore, to investigate marine enterprises. The chairman of Whale Offshore, Madam Li presented a vivid introduction of the application of offshore platforms, international marketing events, the development of marine industry of South China Sea, and Whale Offshore’s market-oriented innovation of offshore technology.

Recommended the self-innovation design series.

There are 3 units of liftboat designed by Whale Offshore under construction.

Whale Offshore has formed a set of design standard, the essence of 16 years’ design experience from over 1400 projects.

In may, Whale Offshore participated in the world’s biggest oil&gas technology conference, exhibited the multi-purpose lift boat with ocean broadband satellite communication system.

For 16 years, Whale Offshore has been committed to standard, highly effective and economic solutions for offshore industries around the world.