Outstanding Party Organization


great honor to the party branch in Whale Offshore

For the memory of the 95th year of establishment of CCP, on 18th July, a convention was held to honor the outstanding organizations and personnels, which the vice general manager of Whale Offshore, Mr Xiong Wei as a representative has participated. 

During the convention, the significant speech of President Mr Xi Jinping has been spread, and the honor of Advanced Basic Party Organization has been given to the party branch on the Zhaoshang Street, also the honor of Outstanding Party Organization to the party branch in Whale Offshore.

Since the party branch existing in Whale Offshore, a lot of relative activities have been held with the support of company leaders, thus the members set a paradigm for the rest. Whale Offshore would continually closely combine the personnel career with the development of the company, oil and gas industry and the society, committing to stronger enterprise, stronger marine economy city.