Whale Offshore attended the Fifth Middle East Marine Exhibition


The fifth Middle East (Abu Zabi) International Ocean Engineering Vessels and Equipment Exhibition were held from Octber 5 to Octber 7,2015 in United Arab Emirates Abu Zabi International Exhibition Center.Whale Offshore showed the mature and reliable designs and independent innovation products.

During the exhibition,Whale Offshore showed the SE-200LB and SE-300LB which are under construction,and the innovation design SE-400LB-DOCK is also been showed.Whale’s products are so attractive that hundreds of audience visited Whale booth.Xu Sheng,General manager of Whale Offshore,with other colleagues introuduced the products and under building projects to the customers.Some of the clients wanted to visit Whale Offshore in China and sincerely wish cooperation with Whale Offshore

Taking this opportunity, Whale Offshore visited many old friends and exchange ideas for mutual growth which will better service our customers.

Mature technology,reliable design, professional service are always the belief of Whale Offshore,which is also the key point that Whale Offshore win reputation around the world.