Whale Offshore attended the Civil-Military integration project


The 3rd excellent warship researching production tecnology project promotion meeting attended by private companies was held in beijing on September 12,2015.

  As a top design company in China,Whale Offshore attended that meeting.General Manager Xu Sheng made a speech on the subject of “To make floating platform controls Chinese South Sea.”Mr.Xu introduced the proprietary designs of Whale Offshore which can be applied on navy construction and ocean development to the leaders of military and enterprises.Mr.Xu’s speech made contribution to the intergration of civil and military.

The speech won great praise and absorb interests from participants. There is no doubt that Whale Offshore has leaded the trend of offshore industry. After meeting, many participants seek opportunities for cooperating with Whale Offshore .

The excellent private companies taking part in warship researching production tecnology project promotion meeting is held by 714 institute.The aim of the meeting is to bring leading tecnology into military industry.