Whale Offshore SE-300LB Liftboat is warmly welcomed in the market


Whale Offshore independent innovation SE-300LB liftboat is warmly welcomed by customers once again.After 3 units of SE-300LB-A have been built in Qingdao Haixi Heavy-Duty Machinery.Whale Offshore win another order of SE-300LB-B from Huangpu Ship Yard.

SE-300LB-B is Whale Offshore's proprietary design,the following are the parameters.The overall length is 84.5m,hull lenght 64.8m, hull breadth 40.8m, hull depth 6m, draft depth 3.2m, operating water depth 60m,area of deck 1500 sqm,variable load 1800 tons,permanent accommodation for 150 persons,and the helideck can support S-92/S-61N helicopter to rise and land,and the pile-boots can be taken back to the main hull.The SE-300LB-B ranks to ABS,and it can be Operated in different sea areas.