Whale Offshore held the 2014 annual summary meeting


It is a good time to say goodbye to the 2014 year,and people are happy to wait for the 2015 new year.

Whale Offshore held the 2014 annual summary meeting in the meeting room of Whaleoffshore headquarter in Shenzhen.Chairman Ms.Li Lanfang and general manager Mr. Xu Sheng with all the members of Shenzhen headquarter and part of Tianjing Branch members took part in the meeting.

All the managers of headquarter and person in charge of Tianjing branch did the annual reports,and Mr.Xu Sheng & Ms. Li Lanfang thanked each member and gave them best wishes.

Why can WhaleOffshore survive for a long time?Because we always treat colleagues’ growth as the most precious wealth and we believed in the power of tecnology,so we have an excellent team of engineers.The chairman commended the employees for 10 years good performance and awarded them 10 years contribution medals.

No matter how hard we were ,we had never given up the confidence for the future.Whale Offshore has crossed over all the diffculties for our wills united like a fortress,and developed a new space each time.We believed in that to rely the mission,mature tecnology and reliable design and professional service,and Whale Offshore will go forward to reach a high level in the world offshore market.

Photos of the meeting: