Deep Dike Central Platform


On Marth 14th 2014, during the meeting of ‘Environmental Friendly LNG vessal & the Innovation of LNG Vessal and Offshore Engineering Technology’ in Nantong Jiangsu, the general manager of Whale Offshore, Mr. Xu proposed the best solution for the development of South China Sea – Deep Dike Central Platform. It’s the innovation design of Whale Offshore, the strution of which is not like any of the existing platforms. The external dyke of the platform could resist Typhoon to ensure the safety and stability of the inner construction.

The platform could serve as an open sea large transit station, which could meet various of goals such as material storage, fuel supply, accommondation, freshwater production, renewable energy sources, ship docking, medical center, information center and helicopter landing etc. Further more, it’s also valuable for oil and gas production, or offshore tourism.

The speech Mr Xu gave was highly appreciated and won warm applause. The Deep Dike Central Platform has positive impact for the source development of deep water and key technology of offshore engineering.