whale offshore tianjin Tianjin branch


    In May 2013, Tianjin Branch of Whale Offshore was put into operation. Tianjin Branch enjoys convenient transportation and beautiful environment , is located in Tianjin binhai new area CBD financial street, with the establishment of the tianjin branch, Whale offshore achieve the resource sharing, build first-class Marine engineering design stage, achieve the function of north and south region comprehensive docking, and also greatly promote the company’s business and reduce the company’s operating costs, our goal is to provide customers with multi-angle all-round quality service.

    Whale Offshore has passed 13 years in the offshore engineering industry, since was established in Shenzhen in 2000, Whale Offshore have rich experience in project management and design, it has formed a complete set of standardized design process. Tianjin Branch will use its accumulated rich experience from headquarters for reference, Tianjin Branch will provide quality, efficient, thoughtful service to the customers of bohai sea region. We Whale Offshore will always exceed your expectations.

Tianjin Branch Address: W8-415 Financial Street, TEDA,Tanggu,P.R.China